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Firearms & Ammunition

  •  Any rifle from a 270 and upwards will do, but we recommend a 300 Winchester Magnum or similar if you have one.
  •   Semi automatic and automatic are not allowed and will be confiscated by Customs.
  •  When you land in RSA (Johannesburg or Cape Town) you will acquire a permit for your guns at customs. This form must be with you at all times and must be  turned in at the airport when you leave South Africa.

What to bring:

  •  Hunting boots - good ankle support lace-up boots - A MUST.
  •  Camp shoes.
  •  3 Pair of hunting socks.
  •  3 Pair of camp socks.
  •  3 Pair of hunting pants (kaki, green, brown or camo).
  •  3 Pair of underwear.
  •  3 Hunting shirts (kaki, green, brown or camo).
  •  3 T-shirts (if you wear them).
  •  1 Light weight coat.
  •  1 Heavy coat.
  •  1 Hunting cap (baseball, safari).
  •  1 Stocking cap.
  •  1 Pair of leather gloves.
  •  1 Pair of medium duty gloves.
  •  Rain gear.
  •  Sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm.
  •  Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc).
  •  Binoculars
  •  Cameras

Each room has a 220V converter and adaptor.

There is a hairdryer in each room.

Laundry will be done daily.


The Republic of South Africa requires a valid passport from USA citizens.

European citizens need a passport and entry visa.

Shot Requirements

  • Tetanus (not compulsory).
  • No malaria pills are needed.

Hunting Season

March through November. Climate: The months of March to May are our Autumn months with an average daytime temperature of 80°F with cooler evenings. Although June and July are our Winter months (with daytime temperatures of 65°F) very mild winter conditions are experienced during the day with cooler temperatures (32°F) at night. August to November are the Spring months with climatic conditions very similar to Autumn.  

Getting There

You arrive in Johannesburg or Cape Town (where you have to collect your luggage and rifles and go through customs and immigration) and then you go to domestic departures for your flight to Port Elizabeth where you will be met by Zungah Safaris Representitive or one of the PH's and then you have a one hour drive to our Lodge.

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