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Our privately owned land with plentiful game and good walk and stalk country has the perfect set up for blackpowder and handgun hunters.

The ethical bowhunter who is prepared to walk and stalk will also have an opportunity at game. Arnold Slabbert has put a lot of effort into blackpowder hunting, so we have a good idea of what it takes to hunt successfully with a blackpowder weapon.

We also have a permit to store powder and caps. No license is required for any replica blackpowder muzzleloading rifle so the blackpowder hunter has no delay at airports with his rifle.

Expect shots from about 70 to 125 yards. We recommend a minimum caliber of .50 and a 300 grain head for game above impala size. A .45 caliber may be used for impala and smaller.

We support ethical fair chase hunting and are against all forms of canned hunting, night shooting and shooting of game at waterholes and feeding areas.

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