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Tom Donnelly and Steve Enochian - California

Tom and Steve had a great bird hunt and they learnt that African birds are tough.In Tom’s words: "Steve and I had a really great time and really enjoyed seeing the countryside, people and dogs work. Also wanted to thank you for all your hard work and hospitality…….We saw a side of life that American tourists never even know exists."

Rick and Sherlene Hoskins of California

"Awesome hunt. Everyone is so friendly and the food is the best we’ve ever eaten. Priceless memories! "

Tracy and Mary-Beth Wilson of Washington

"Best times!! Great food! Great hunt! Great people!"

Robert and Nancy Cody

"Truly great hunting with Chris and his team. Very fulfilling experience, much fun, much good food."

Rick and Tina Wilson of Denver Colorado

"Unforgettable-the animals, the food, the stories and the late hunt with final light, last day."

Lydia Swan of Denver Colorado

"Chris you are very stern, also patient. Thank you so much for the outstanding game. My memories will be warm for the days spent trudging up and down hills with you looking after me. Arnold you are a love too…Your personality is as colorful as your exotic pet. You’re fun..See you all later."

Ed, Cindy and Randy Gaven - California

"Chris this has been a rare experience. You are an excellent host and guide. The day with Arnold was a treat. Ed, Randy and I will cherish the memories of this African trip. Thanks and best wishes."


Hi Chris!

Got in yesterday evenning, TIRED! But we can't say enough about how great the tour was! You put together a great package and I don't believe that we would have gotten anything near that with anyone else and especially not on our own! Thanks again for a lifetime of great memories!

Hi Chris,

I'm finally beginning to catch up at work.  Wow, what a pile of paperwork was waiting for me when I got back.  Hope all is well with you and the hunting trip went well.

I just wanted to thank you for an exceptional holiday.  I cannot express  how much I enjoyed our 2 weeks with you.  Your Country is truly amazing and you did a fantastic job of showing us so many special places. 
Kruger National Park will always hold a special place in my heart.  The variety of wildlife we saw was unbelievable (about 28 different mammals)  The tiny baby elephant and baby zebra were icing on the cake and your wonderful story about the honey badger and the little bird that leads him to the honey. Also can't forget our breakfasts of fresh papaya
and macadamia nuts and the braai's (SP?) at Orpen camp.

Then Blyde River Canyon - what incredible scenery, the waterfalls and potholes and of course Louie's B&B.  What a wonderful accommodation, great food and his wonderful gardens.  What a character!  The drive along the Orange River with all the vineyards.  Augrabie Falls National Park was another wonderful experience - more wonderful scenery and the
little rock dassies and lizards everywhere.  I also loved the little yellow weaver birds and their nests hanging in the reeds along one of the paths.

Then we worked our way to Springbok and the wild flowers.  Wow!  So much better than going to the botanical gardens.  So many varieties of plants and flowers with such wonderful colors, plus the beautiful rock formations.  The ruins of the old stone prison were beautiful.  What craftsmanship.

Clanwilliam was another wonderful stopover.  Again super accommodations and meals.  Our day in the Cedarburg Mountains was amazing.  Such incredibly rugged country with all those wonderful rock formations, plus more icing on the cake - the Bushman cave paintings.  Stupendous!  I need more adjectives to describe the trip.  I have been enjoying my cup
of Rooibos tea every morning.  Should have bought more from the factory in Clanwilliam.

The west coast and Cape Town were also wonderful.  Perfect weather for views of and from Table Mountain, Robben Island, peguins and whales, the old fort and of course the Springboks winning the Tri-Nations Rugby match.  You know you turned us all into rugby fans.

Thank you Chris for so many wonderful experiences and memories and sharing your incredible country with us.  Kim and I are still sorting through photos and I'm sure Gae and Todd are too.  We will get you a CD of photos soon.  We'll see you at the Sportsman Show in January.  I'm checking on the dates for hockey and will let you know dates soon.  Must
get back to work.

Keep well and thank you again,

You can contact any of the following people for recommendations:

Bob and Pat Andersen-               970 2845042 Colorado
Bob Bill and Nancy Cody-           301 2236343 Marysville
Bub&Sue Schill-                         720 9817778 Colorado
Dale Lucio-                                 720 6354365 Colorado
Dan Barbe&Robert Lorenz-         303 660643  Colorrado
Ed,Cindy&Randy Gaven-            530 6710463 California
Frank Stathos-                             916 3868800 California
Glenn Holcomb-                         925 2868105 California
Jared,Chuck and dad Valencia-  206 7555698 Washinton state
Jeff Cozens-                                925 7091968 California
Jimmy Spence-                           303 8774899 Colorado
John La Belle-                            916 9969913 California
Keith and Garth Hartman-           805 6741623 California
Mark & Linda Griffith-                  216 8380509 Colorado
Phil Farris-                                   512 8420354 Texas
Richard Hoskins-                          530 3061219 California
Rick Wilson-                                 303 7912690 Colorado
Steve Goolby-                             209 3273911 California
Ted&Bonni Hamacher-               719 3302844 Colorado
Tom&Pat Miller-                         530 7421692 California
Tony Roan-                                702 6557393 Las Vegas
John Hurly-                                 702 5616312 Las Vegas
Tracy&Mary Beth Wilson-           304 5321246 Virginia
Carlos Domonick                        303 5208686 Colorado
Bryan Lee                                  209 4826442 California

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